Bella and why you should see it


Earlier, I had posted about the movie Juno and its life-affirming message. Well, there is another movie, just out on video, that is just out on DVD that I would strongly encourage because of its clear pro-life message.

Bella is the love story of a soccer star and a waitress whose lives become entertwined through her pregnancy. It is a small movie that opened and didn’t get as much notice as Juno probably because its pro-life message is more overt. In fact, among the reviews that I saw, most gave it an unfavorable rating simply for the fact that it was unashamedly pro-life.

But for those who can look past their own biases, there is a beautiful movie here. This review (second down), from Colin Covert of the Minneapolis Star Tribune:

There’s not much more happening here than two people getting to know each other as we come to understand them both, yet that’s a story we never tire of, so long as it’s told well. And here, it is. Writer/director Alejandro Gomez Monteverde’s film is utterly touching and captivating, wisely humanist in refusing to cast even the most unpleasant characters as cardboard villains. A loving testament to the beauty of family, “Bella” won the People’s Choice Award at last year’s Toronto Film Festival. Rarely are crowd-pleasers so effortlessly artful.


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