More free resources for you: Dr. Martyn Lloyd-Jones

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Dr Martyn Lloyd-Jones (1899 – 1981) has been described as ‘a great pillar of the 20th century Evangelical Church’. Born in Wales, and educated in London, he was a brilliant student who embarked upon a short, but successful, career as a medical doctor at the famous St Bartholemew’s Hospital. However, the call of Gospel ministry was so strong that he left medicine in order to become minister of a mission hall in Port Talbot, South Wales. Eventually he was called to Westminster Chapel in London, where thousands flocked to hear his ‘full-blooded’ Gospel preaching, described by one hearer as ‘logic on fire’. With some 1600 of his sermons recorded and digitally restored, this has left a legacy which is now available for the blessing of another generation of Christians around the world – ‘Though being dead he still speaks’.

You can hear sermons from this great preacher for free! at (with registration). If you own an iPod or an MP3 player, this is a great way to fill it with awesome encouragement, teaching and counsel. If you don’t you can still listen online for free.

Barack Obama, unapologetic abortion supporter

Just to be clear, this is what Barack Obama, the most likely Democrat nominee for president, sees as a key issue in this election. He is very clear on where he stands. He is pro abortion. His reaction to a Supreme Court ruling upholding a ban on partial-birth abortions? “It is time for a different attitude on the Supreme Court. It is time to turn the page and write a new chapter.”

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