Who’s responsible for this?

Hi. I’m Tony Brott and I am responsible for this blog. I love Jesus and am passionate about things that bring glory to him. I work in a church office assisting the pastoral staff. I am a lover of history, a good story, and my family. You can contact me at thebrott1(at)gmail.com. Follow me on Twitter at tonybrott.

2 thoughts on “Who’s responsible for this?

  1. apparently your work at a newspaper does not include “journalistic integrity,” otherwise your post about Barack Obama’s views might not be so narrowly centered, while claiming his “main” goal is to change the Supreme Court to “Pro-Abortion.” Last I knew, the Supreme Court was in place to protect all the citizens over short term waxes and wanes of politically driven changes, not to drive one side’s political agenda over another for the long term. Maybe, most likely it is Murdock owned newspaper, where all this “integrity” is thrown out the window, but hey you’re standing on your rock. Last I checked 7 of the 9 justices are Republican nominations, doesn’t seem as though it moderates the fluctuations enough for you?

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