God’s grace in the hurts others do to us

This talk, by Mark Talbot at the 2005 Desiring God National Conference, really ministers to me. Because I am surrounded by fallen, sinful people (like myself), there are numerous times where I have been injured, insulted, violated, offended, shocked, disappointed, slighted, overlooked, disparaged and generally hurt. It’s hard to “get along” sometimes.

The conference theme was Suffering and the Sovereignty of God. Regarding suffering: Why does God allow these kind of things happen? Is is OK to complain to God? Does God make mistakes? How do we think biblically about suffering? These are questions Talbot addresses in his talk.

Mark Talbot
Click on the image to view Mark Talbot's talk from 2005.

Mark Talbot will be speaking again this year at the Desiring God national conference, which is themed With Calvin in the Theater of God.

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