Buddy and Julie Miller: The King and Queen of Americana

This is a little late, but it’s something worth your attention. For any of you who love heartfelt music by that is heartwrenching, touching and utterly human, then you should check out Buddy and Julie Miller. The Wall Street Journal says this about the Millers:

Buddy and Julie Miller have essentially reigned since the mid-1990s as the unpretentious but royal couple of Americana music, that lovably motley modern-roots music genre derived from the American music traditions of country, folk, gospel, roots rock and more. Their CDs, whether recorded together or individually, have consistently garnered high praise for both the songs they write for them and for the often touching, sometimes feisty country-soul delivery.

The couple, now in their 50s, have weathered a load of misfortune over the years. Just this year Buddy suffered a heart attack during a concert with Emmylou Harris and underwent heart bypass surgery. Julie, meanwhile, has battled fibromyalgia and lost a brother suddenly when he was struck by lightning. They are a walking folk song. Their latest effort, long incubating, is called “Written in Chalk,” and delivers songs filled with heartache and longing. And nobody does it better than Buddy and Julie Miller, especially when they sing lyrics like these from the title track:

All our words are written down in chalk
Out in the rain on the sidewalk
If all our heartaches were in a stack
They’d go all the way up to heaven and back

We don’t know the trouble we’re in
We don’t know how to get home again
Jesus come and save us from our sin

They are unique and talented voices on the musical landscape. I thank God for the talents of Buddy and Julie Miller.