Don’t let your mind get flabby. Give it some exercise.

I do a lot of pointing at this blog. I know it. There is a lot of garbage out there and you don’t have to look hard to find it. Conversely, there are many good things that people are writing and saying that I feel are worthwhile and worth not only reading but passing along. That said, I want to remember for myself and point out to you, the reader, that reading worthwhile things (or some not so worthwhile) isn’t a substitute for using the brain God gave you.

Kevin DeYoung, blogging at DeYoung, Restless and Reformed, follows up a great post by John Piper with some great thoughts concerning hero worship and emulation that happens among Christians. Here is a part I found hit home with me, maybe you too:

Learning from a great teacher does not eliminate the need to think for ourselves. We need to make sure we are really convinced of the things we espouse, that we don’t simply believe what the men and women we respect believe. Don’t make the “celebrities” into a new magisterium. Respect their wisdom and experience, but always go back to the Scriptures. And don’t expect them to settle all your issues, because they haven’t faced all your issues. And besides, the men we look up to don’t always agree with each other on how to tackle certain issues.

This is something to really think through. We can appreciate great people we know, but ultimately remember that it’s God who is great and him we need to know best.

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