Reuniting victim with potential killer

This is bizarre:

WELLINGTON, New Zealand (AFP) – A woman who gave birth in mid-air left the baby behind when she disembarked in AucklandTelevision New Zealand reported Thursday.

Police and Pacific Blue — the airline which operated the flight from the Samoan capital Apia — were saying little about their investigation Thursday, but mother and child were said to be recovering in hospital.

Television New Zealand reported that the Samoan woman gave birth in one of the aircraft’s toilets during the flight to Auckland early Thursday.

The infant was found by an airline worker in the toilet rubbish bin more than an hour after the plane landed.

And then comes the troubling part:

Pacific Blue’s website says women need medical clearance to board a flight if they have passed the 36-week mark in their pregnancy.

“We are relieved to have been informed that both mother and child are reunited, are well and are now being looked after in hospital,” the airline said in a statement.

It’s good that the woman and child are being treated at the hospital, but is anyone else concerned that this child, which miraculously survived a murder attempt, is now reunited with the person who sought to end the child’s life?

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