God speaks through your iPod: Carry the ESV Study Bible in your pocket

Confession: I own an iPod and am happy with it. I can listen to songs, sermons (yes, I like sermons) and podcasts. My son has an iPod Classic and my wife and daughter also have iPods. We have a lot of stuff.

But, since I love God’s Word and have absolutely loved the ESV Study Bible we got last month, I am thrilled with the idea of having the entire ESV Study Bible available right there on an iPod (or iPod Touch). Olive Tree Bible Software offers this for Bible lovers who are also iPod owners. This blows my mind. And the ESV also offers this for those who want to view it through their iPhone, iPod Touch or PDA. Either way you can’t go wrong. From what I’ve read, Olive Tree’s latest software version adds split screen viewing, which is wonderful with the ESV Study Bible when looking at accompanying notes. See the video below, which shows how it works:


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