A quickie ‘Twilight’ book review

Courtesy of Andy Osenga over at ILikeAndy.com:

The heart of the tale, though, lies in this simple conversation that is had, and this is no exaggeration, probably 200 or 300 times throughout the book:

Her: “I love you, you’re so beautiful and perfect.”
Him: “Yes, I am.”Her: “But I’m so clumsy!”
Him: “Yes, you are, and I love you.”
Her: “I love you, you’re so beautiful and perfect. And cold.”
Him: stares off in the distance, looking like a model.

If you cut that conversation out of the book it would probably be twenty pages long. And probably no better. There’s also the sad commentary on how teenage girls LOVE this book, and how this girl decides to completely give up her friends, family, personality and everything else to be in a relationship with a rich, good-looking guy who treats her terribly. I hope my daughters read this when they get older and learn that valuable lesson.

Andy’s full review is at the link, but that pretty much covers it. This review was confirmed by my pretween son, who somehow was tricked into reading it thinking it had some kind of noble fighting to wash out the taste of obsessed teen love. He was wrong and now is disgusted that he picked the book up in the first place.

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