Thank God for another year

Celebrating my birthday Today is my birthday! To celebrate my family took me to one of my favorite places to eat in Grand Island, Sutter Deli. I had a delicious bowl of chicken noodle soup while Ruth Anne had the oriental chicken salad, Andrew the simple pepperoni pizza and Liz the Sutter Deli club. Four stars all.

On this milestone day I am thankful that in the past year God has mercifully loved me and guided me. I have failed him often, but I know that God has stretched me to hopefully be the man he wants me to be, or at least closer to that man.

I also am thankful for the many people God has put in my life to serve his purposes both to serve and be served by. God is good, and I am hopeful at the start of another year of getting closer to Him for his sake and my happiness.

4 thoughts on “Thank God for another year

  1. Oh, Paul, you need to know this. We should have lunch there the next time you’re in town (after we go to Perkins). It’s just over the railroad tracks behind Ace Hardware on Broadwell. Great sandwiches. Great soups. Tasty cookies. Awesome atmosphere. It’s in a building that used to be a dairy. I can’t recommend it enough.

  2. Sweet. Can never think of original (read “other than chain”) restaurants to goto: in GI. Will definitely remember this one.

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