Jason McElwain, basketball and the goodness of God

Jason McElwain’s story is a great one to remember. Jason, who has autism, gained fame in 2006 when he got to play in his first high school game and hit six shots in the closing minutes and scored 20 points. His story won hearts far and wide and he went on to be celebrated by famous athletes and even spent time with President Bush.

His story doesn’t end there because he also inspired two young who, like Jason, are autistic. The videos below tell their stories and the remarkable events that unfolded for Josh Titus and Patrick Thibodeau. It is important to remember that, whatever condition we are in, we are made in God’s image and for that reason we can celebrate. This isn’t a story about how great three young men are, it’s a story about how God is great in his care of our lives.

HT: Justin Taylor