Sarah Palin? I hope so

Alaska Gov. Sarah Palin could be John McCain pick for vice president.
Alaska Gov. Sarah Palin could be John McCain's pick for vice president.

DENVER (AP) — John McCain kept his vice presidential pick a closely guarded secret hours before the high-stakes announcement Friday as top prospects seemed to drop away and speculation moved to darkhorse candidate Alaska Gov. Sarah Palin.

Read more about her from the blog here.

2 thoughts on “Sarah Palin? I hope so

  1. What a horrifying thing to bring a life into the world that you know with absolute certainty from Day One will live in agonizing despair – hell, if you will, on earth.
    If there is a God, and that’s his type of mercy, no thanks; and no thanks to putting someone like Sarah Palin a heartbeat away from the presidency.

  2. This is an obvious pander to women and is a response to Biden having a son expecting deployment to Iraq.

    The potential thought of Sarah Palin as the President of the United States is a little frightening.

    I will say this throws the “experience”, “drug use”, “celebrity” charges against Barack Obama out the window.

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