Great lyrics, updated music


There has been a renewed interest the last several years in worship music, specifically hymns. Many of my favorite recording artists have recorded worship albums, among them Michael W. Smith, Third Day and Jars of Clay. Of those, I would have said that that Jars of Clay’s “Redemption Songs” has been one of my favorites for the way they breathed new life into some great, old songs through updated music.

In the last month or so, I was introduced to the music of Matthew Smith and I have to say that it has been incredibly uplifting. Smith, who has sung lead with the group Indelible Grace, released his first full-length solo album in 2006, entitled “All I Owe.” It is a collection of hymns that have been updated musically. The result is a treasure of 10 songs whose lyrics powerfully minister while sung to very accessible music.

It has been my pleasure to be introduced to great hymns like “The Lord Will Provide,”My Lord I Did Not Choose You,” and “All I Owe” while reconnecting in a new way with hymns like “Jesus I Am Resting” and “Thy Blood Was Shed For Me.” You don’t have to be a hymn-lover (although you should be!) to enjoy this album.

And if you like that, you’ll appreciate the work of Indelible Grace because the group has been devoted to putting the words of hymns to updated music. It is like finding new treasure when you hear some of these great hymns that have been brought back so we may worship God through them. And, ultimately, we can treasure God more through them.

Currently, you can buy “All I Owe’ at the iTunes Store and online (and at your local music store, if you are old school). The Indelible Grace albums are not available at the iTunes Store, but can be purchased online at the link provided.

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