Fearing and loving God

Today as I read, the word that stood out to me was from Genesis 3 where the serpent tempts Adam and Eve. You can see his tried and true method in the way he has them doubting what God has explicitly told them. That has not changed.

The fact that Adam and Eve are expelled from the Garden shows that their sin has not just spoiled the perfection but made them enemies of God. Not long after that, it is always fascinating reading the account of Cain and Abel to see how God, in his sovereignty, chooses which offering he will accept. And then, after Cain has murdered Abel, you can see how God is merciful even in dealing with those who have no standing.

In another part of my reading, from Psalm 2, I was struck by the mingling of fear and rejoicing in verse 11: Serve the Lord with fear, and rejoice with trembling. At men’s group last Friday we were looking at the opening chapter of Revelation and this same idea came up. In our age, we have a real problem with fearing God because it doesn’t suit our idea of who He should be. In Revelation, it was Jesus; here, it is God. I think it is a problem for many because they think too highly of themselves and not highly enough of God. He is holy. We are not. We cannot overcome our own inadequacy when we come before Him and that is why we must fear. Yet, He is the greatest Being in the universe and He is to be worshipped.

My prayer is that I never lose that “rejoicing with trembling” in my own life.

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