Christmas cards

How many of you have sent out Christmas cards/newsletters this year? We are not regular in this tradition and I know it doesn’t always sit well with my wife. So this year we actually had our family portrait taken and picture cards made. We also composed a letter to summarize our year and send along with the photos.

My contention is that these types of correspondence are so formal that they almost have no meaning other than saying “hi” via a letter or card. Maybe I’m too cynical and I need to change my attitude. After all, saying “hi” is better than not saying anything. My problem is that I want to say more than space will reasonably allow and then I feel like no one really cares about all my news anyway. That’s called being a self editor and it can really stand in the way of being a decent friend if you let it get out of hand.

So, even though the new year is still a few weeks away, I resolve to change my ways regarding corresponding and instead be more sharing. That means not waiting for Christmas to actually sit down a write a letter to someone (not just e-mail) who I haven’t heard from or spoken to in awhile.

And, to keep this from being just about me, a good way to start is to find out an address of a missionary your church supports and write that person a letter. While this might seem like a daunting task, remember this: Just a short note saying you’re praying for them or even thinking about them goes a long way.

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